Thursday, 10 January 2013

Recent events

Through the Christmas period I will admit I haven't been very good with keeping up to date with my blog. So here is a post of a few things I have got up to. It was really nice being at home for a while catching up with friends and family and of course Christmas :) my body is definitely suffering now though, dieting central in my fridge at the moment!!

I wore this outfit in Brighton when I went out with my house mate. I borrowed her skirt which is from Topshop as well as a black high neck top.

Going into Urban Outfitters is always dangerous for me, as I want the complete shop. I found this playsuit and loved it but controlled my shopping addiction and left the store without anything.. Oh apart from a lovely red scarf that was only £6.50!! 

Being at home was really nice over Christmas, yes this picture may be a little sad but I love my bunny and he was my virtual Christmas card to all my family and friends. He's so cute.

I absolutely LOVE Tgi Fridays. I hadn't been there in a long time so decided to treat myself on boxing day with my boyfriend. The amount of food we ordered is slightly shameful as it filled the whole table.. and we ate it all!

I was back in Brighton for New Years Eve with my home friends. We celebrated in Digital so glammed ourselves up for the special occasion. 2012 has probably been one of my favourite years yet, so it was really nice ending the year with these beauties.

Back in Brighton and back to Uni. On tuesday we went out as we hadn't seen each other properly in a while. The top I wore is from Miss Selfridge and I borrowed velvet shorts from my housemate Heli. 


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